Roll Race Info and Tech Form

List Racing Rules

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Roll Lists Procedures

  • Start from under tower
  • Green light on tree signals race, unless otherwise agreed
  • Finish line is quarter mile at scoreboards
  • Left Lane sets the pace of the race
  • All Roll race cars must be street cars
  • If a racer is bumped from Super street 10 spot they go to Pro Street 1 spot and bumps entire list 1 spot.


Super Street is 1-10

Pro Street is 11-20

Houston Street is 21-30

Dig Race Procedures

  • Flash light start
  • Prepped racing
  • Times shown on boards, except Outlaw 1/8th mile
  • STREET CAR (Must have working headlights and tail lights used during runs)
  • Protest of legal car is Whataburger Rule
  • Call outs to be made on Facebook Group “HRP Tuesday Night Call Outs” or by Contacting Austin Hayward by Tuesday night prior to 8pm during the event.


Lists will be started by order of call outs. First pair of legal cars to race will be for 1 and 2, second pair of cars will be for 3 and 4, and so on. Once there is 10 on the list a non-ranked racer will have to race number 10.


Dig Race List Rules  


Boosted Street

  • Tag, Registered, inspected and insured
  • 2 front seats (rear seat delete allowed)
  • Any power adder
  • DOT Tires


Vintage Street

  • 1978 and older
  • Tag, Registered, inspected and insured
  • Hard tire only


Street Truck

  • Tag, Registered, inspected and insured
  • DOT Tire


Outlaw 1/8th Mile N/T

  • Tag, Registered, inspected and insured
  • No time, no time slips


NA Street

  • Tag, Registered, inspected and insured
  • Naturally Aspirated
  • DOT Tire


Heavy Weight

  • Tag, Registered, inspected and insured
  • 4400 Lbs
  • Single Power Adder (Twin Turbo allowed)
  • DOT Tire


HRP Tuesday Night Call Out Facebook for Official Call outs


If you are interested in participating in a 2021 Roll Race event you are required to submit the form below. Once you have submitted this form you will receive additional information via email and next steps to better plan your trip to the track.

In order to streamline the tech experience we have converted the traditional colored paper tech form to the digital format below. Whether you plan to attend just one Roll Race event or participate many times throughout the 2021 season, this form is only required to be completed just one time only!