Visitor FAQs

  • Can spectators bring in food, beverage, or coolers?

    No. Outside food or drink is not allowed. Visitors can go to their cars during the event if they get a hand stamp to re-enter the facility.

  • Can video recorders and cameras be brought in?

    Yes! Better yet email us your favorite track photos or videos and we might share it on our social media sites. Email:

  • Does the raceway have ATM machines?

    Yes, we have ATM stations located in our food court areas. Also, all of our official merchandise locations and food court stations are equipped to accept all major credit cards.

  • Do you charge for parking at the NHRA SpringNationals?

    Yes. General Spectator Parking is $20 + Sales Tax during the annual NHRA SpringNationals.

  • Is there handicapped and disabled parking and is the raceway ADA accessible?

    Yes, handicap parking is located in the main spectator parking lot. A person must have a handicap tag or hang down tag to park there. There are signs directing spectators where certain parking areas are located. (Refer to your facility map for locations). We have handicap seating on the spectator and the pit side. Both pit and spectator sides are wheelchair accessible. Also, we have golf carts for ADA assistance. They will transport spectators from the inside main gate to areas specified inside the facility and back. The ADA drivers will be taking a route during the event and will be armed with radios for communication. If a spectator needs handicap transportation simply contact a driver or a Motorplex staffer with a radio to call them and direct them to go to one of the ADA pick up points.

  • Do you have restrooms or porta johns?

    Both! Our full service restrooms are located on the Pit side of the track, and are staffed as long as we are open and competition is underway. Porta Johns are located at certain points throughout the property for your more “immediate” needs.

  • What radio station do you transmit?

    Our facility public address system is broadcast on 87.9 FM.

  • Can I bring glass containers?

    No. Glass containers of any kind are not permitted on Royal Purple Raceway grounds. Broken glass does a terrible number on rubber tires!

  • Can I bring the family pet?

    Spectators are allowed to bring the family dog and/or cat when visiting designated campgrounds at Royal Purple Raceway that are outside of the dragstrip spectator and pit areas. To insure the safety and enjoyment of all Royal Purple Raceway guests and campers, it is important that you read and abide by the following Royal Purple Raceway Pet Policy:

    1. Aggressive dogs of any breed are strictly prohibited from entering the property. If your dog shows behavior that is protective and unfriendly to strangers, please leave it home. If you decide to bring your dog and it exhibits this type of behavior Royal Purple Raceway personnel will ask you to leave.

    2. All dogs must be under the control and visual observation of their owner at all times. A leash rule is in effect whenever the animal is outside the owner’s camping trailer, vehicle, motorhome or tent – there are no exceptions. No dog should be left tied up and unattended outside the owner’s camping equipment.

    3. Campers must clean up after their pets and properly dispose of the waste; this rule applies at all times no matter where the pets relieve themselves in campgrounds or parking areas.

    4. Allowing your pet to bark uncontrollably day or night will not be permitted and in such event you may be asked to leave.

    Service dogs for the visually impaired are always welcome at all Royal Purple Raceway events. However, these animals must follow leash restraint policies and may not exhibit aggressive behavior.

  • How about camping?

    Racers are welcome to camp for free in their designated pit area. Spectator Camping is also avaialbe on a per event basis. For more information call 281-383-7223.

  • Can we stake in the asphalt?

    We thank you in advance for NOT staking in our asphalt. This will help preserve the life of our pit area, so that you may continue to enjoy for years to come. Use water or concrete barrels when necessary. A $100 fine per stake will be issued if someone is caught doing this. We also request that you put blocks under all jacks and leveling feet.

  • What is the track’s elevation?

    10' above sea level.

  • Do you rent golf carts?

    No. Golf carts are not available to rent at the track. Spectators are not allowed to use wheeled vehicles (i.e. golf carts, mopeds, four wheelers, skateboards, bicycles, etc.) inside the facility. Motorized wheelchairs are OK. Racers or participants must register their vehicles with NHRA to use them inside the pit area and must have the proper sticker on display at all times.

  • Is there a Lost and Found?

    Yes, our Lost & Found is in the Royal Purple Raceway admin building located at Gate 2.

  • Do you sell alcohol?

    Yes, beer is sold on spectator and pit sides of the track, and in the Woodforest Bank Tower Club. Beer can be taken into any of the Pit Side and Spectator Side grandstands and the Starting Line Club seats, but may not be carried outside of the licensed premises. Alcohol cannot be taken into the pit area. There are signs and personnel to indicate the area that alcohol may not be carried into.

  • What happens if there is rain during the event?

    All efforts will be made to complete the events on the scheduled dates. If weather changes this schedule, it will be announced and posted on our website, We recommend all spectators get on our e-mail list and hold onto their ticket or ticket stub. All sales are Final and no refunds will be issued.