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Space City Showdown

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March 6 at 12:00 pm - March 7 at 10:00 pm


March 6 @ 12:00 pm
March 7 @ 10:00 pm
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This is Houston Raceway Parks first ever small tire race!!!

Classes will include


Tex 275

Small Tire No Tire Shootout

Limited Street

5.80 Index

7.00 Index

Limited Drag Radial

Pasadena Speed Shop Full Size Truck Shootout presented by Ron Carter Autoland


X275 will be a western swing points race

Tex 275 will be a points race for this Texas based series

5.80 and 7.00 will be ran both nights, with a bonus pot if you win both nights!



Gates open at 9am

Testing 11am-4pm

Time Trial #1 at 5pm

X275 Qualifying round 1 at 6pm



Gates open at 9am

X275 Qualifying round 3 at 11am

First round of elimination at 3pm


Spectator Pricing
Thursday: $10
Friday: $25
Saturday: $25
2-Day: $40
3-Day: $50


X275 Entry: $250
Winner: $7,500
Runner-up: $2,500
Semi: $500
Tex 275 Entry: $150
Winner: $2,500
Runner-up: $1,000
Semi: $500
N/T Small Tire Entry: $250
Winner: $10,000
Limited Street Entry: $100
Winner: $1,000
Runner-up: $500
Semi: $250
5.80 Index (Friday and Saturday)
Entry: $100
$1,000 on top
7.00 Index (Friday and Saturday)
Entry: $100
$750 on top


Class rules

X275 – John Sears rules

Tex275 – Tex275 rules

Small Tire N/T Shootout
Stock style front suspension
No time shown in last 365 days
28-10.5/275 max tire size
No class cars

Limited Street
Tagged and insured
Whataburger rule*
Stock suspension
Single power adder only (twin turbos ok)
17” wheel, max tire size 315/45
15” wheel, max tire size 275/60
5.30 ET cap

5.80 Index
Delay boxes must be zero’d out
No down track throttle stops
Hard stops ok

7.0 Index
Delay boxes must be zero’d out
No down track throttle stops
Hard stops ok

Truck Shootout

Stock Frame rail

Stock Style Suspension

29.5×10.5w/315 Max Tire Size

6.0 ET cap

Limited Drag Radial

Traditional rules

*Whataburger Rule
In lieu of a cruise for Limited Street, the Whataburger rule will be invoked in the event the streetability of a contestants car is questioned. The protestor will hand the protestee $20, along with a requested menu item from Whataburger. The protester must drive, in their race vehicle, to the Whataburger off 146, retrieve the requested menu item, and return to the race track. If the protestees vehicle is unable to complete the trip under its own power, that contestant is disqualified from the event, and must return the $20 to the protestor. If the trip is successfully completed, the protestee will keep the change.