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Current list of open positions, which is located at 2525 S FM 565 Rd, Baytown, TX  77523, include:

Ticket Sales and Gate: Houston Raceway Park Ticket Sales and Gate team members help guests with their ticket selection and purchase, and collect tickets at the gates. They also monitor and assist outgoing and incoming traffic.


Parking: Houston Raceway Parking team members direct drivers to parking spots throughout the park.  This position requires the ability to act quickly to ensure that roadways remain clear for incoming, outgoing and passing traffic, which is especially important during large events welcoming thousands of guests.


Facility Maintenance: Houston Raceway Facility Maintenance team members ensure that the park and its structures and surrounding areas are well-kept in various ways. They also help with repairs throughout the week and between events.
Food and Beverage: Houston Raceway Food and Beverage team members prepare and present a variety of food and beverages to guests at a few different locations within the park. Offerings include breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks from a main menu.
Hospitality: Houston Raceway Hospitality team members warmly welcome guests to the park, and to suites and other areas throughout the park. They set out and offer food, snacks and beverages for guests, and help keep their areas clean and comfortable while engaging with guests.
Track Crew: Houston Raceway Track Crew team members are responsible for preparing a perfect track for cars with all levels of horsepower, and for maintaining the track, as well as the water box, head of staging and staging lanes throughout every event. This outdoor position requires team members to efficiently work through various, and sometimes challenging, weather conditions.

For employment questions please contact Ambria Siska at 281-383-7223 or you can email us anytime at jobs@houstonraceway.com.

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